Our References

Contract NumberProject Name
FA5685-15-P-0060Provision of Mattresses and Box Springs
FA5685-16-P-0044Provision of GSA Approved Safes
FA5685-16-P-0006JLG High Reach Platform Scheduled and Unscheduled Maintenance
FA5685-16-P-0068Provision of TeamFenex Manhole Support Trailer
FA5685-16-P-0155Provision of Polaris Ranger Crew 570-4 with Accessories
FA5685-17-P-0002JLG High Reach Platform Scheduled and Unscheduled Maintenance
FA5685-17-P-0065Provision of PacStar Flyaway Kits
FA5685-17-P-0086Provision of Water Heaters
FA5685-17-P-0091Provision of Fire Department Tools
FA5685-17-P-0097Provision of Trimble Robotik Mapping Equipment
FA5685-17-P-0101Provision of Hawkeye Satellite Parts
FA5685-17-P-0110Provision of Generator Cables
FA5685-17-P-0120Provision and Installation of Life Fitness Equipment in Ankara
FA5685-17-P-0117Provision and Installation of Spacesaver Weapon Racks
FA5685-17-P-0138Provision and Installation of Metal Lockers
FA5685-18-P-0012Provision of HP SFF Computers
FA5685-18-P-0014Provision of HP Z440 Workstations in Ankara
FA5685-18-P-0063Provision of Whelen Giant Voice Parts
FA5685-18-P-0076Provision of Dell Monitors
FA5685-18-P-0077Provision of Surefire Weapon Lights
FA5685-18-P-0079Provision of Communications Infrastructure Elements
 Provision of EMS Pants for Medical Emergency Personnel
 Provision of Medical Equipment and Spare Parts
 Provision of United Nations Approved Barrels
 Provision and Installation of Nitrate Analyser
 Provision of Fiber, Acoustical Tiles
 Provision of Daikin AC Fan Coil Units
 Provision of Danfoss Inverters
 Provision of Filter Bags
 Provision of Heavy Equipment Tire and Rims
 Provision and Installation of 4 each Lennox RoofTop AC Units with Exhaust Fan
 Provision and Installation of 2 each Lennox RoofTop AC Units with Exhaust Fan
 Provision and Installation of 1 Each Lennox RoofTop AC Units with Exhaust Fan
 Provision of Steel and Wooden Doors for Facilities
 Provision and Installation of 2 Each AXC Axial Fans for Building 2209
 Provision of Cyclone EFI Blower
 Provision of Dewalt Equipment
 Provision of Dolphin Wave Pool Cleaner
 Provision of Safety Shoes and Safety Equipment
 Provision of Husqvarna Equipment Belts
 Provision and Installation of Steel Warehouse Shelves
 Provision of Jacobsen Mower Parts
 Provision of Karcher Carpet Washer and Pressure Washer Machines
 Provision of Bugoff Screen Fly Mesh Curtains
 Provision of Syntethic Oil for Equipment
 Provision of Brema Ice Machines
 Provision of Mitsubishi AC Unit Parts
 Provision of LG AC Unit Parts
 Provision of APC, Eaton, Necron UPS
 Provision of DDTECH Modbus Thermostat
 Provision of Dupont Freon Gas
 Provision and Installation of Johnsons Control Otomation in Building 833
 Provision and Installation of Johnsons Control Otomation in Building 1001
 Provision of Lift Station Pumps
 Provision of Boiler Hot Water Burners
 Provision of Cleaning and Grease Removal Chemicals
 Provision of Kitchen Equipment (Kettles, Ovens, kitchenware, etc.)
 Provision of Plywood
 Provision of Sand, Gravel,Stabilizer, Cement and Concrete
 Provision of Assorted Compressors
 Provision of Ares PlateHeat Exchanger and Spare Parts
 Provision of Office, Lounge and Dining Room Furniture
 Provision of AC Unit Parts (Lennox, LG, Mitsubishi, Hitachi, Daikin)
 Provision of Hazardous Materials Lockers
 Provision of Plastic Fence Screens
 Provision of Sheet Metals
 Provision of Selonoid Valves
 Provision of Televisions
 Provision of Samsung CCTV
 Provision and Installation of Ventas Kitchen Hood Exhaust Fans
 Provision of Shell Helix Engine Oil
 Provision of Wecker Neuson Light Cart and Spare Parts
 Provision of Krohne Electromagnetic Watermeters
 Provision and Installation of Fitness Equipment
 Provision and Installation of Metal Tool Drawers and Shelves
 Provision of Lexmark Printers with Cac Card License
 Provision of Toners of All Kinds of Printers
 Provision of ClaVal Fuel Nozzles for Air Refueling
 Provision of SnapOn Tools
 Provision of Kobra Shredders for Offices
 Provision of FenceScreen Fence Privacy Tapes
 Provision of Nikon DSLR Camera and Accessories and Voice Recorders
 Provision of Garmin Watches
 Provision of Steel Safes
 Provision of Award Statues for the Airforce
 Provision of PrincetonTec Helmet Lights
 Provision of Redman Instructor Suits
 Provision of Combat Arms Equipment
 Provision and Installation of Laundry Equipment